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We're super excited about this connection! Calcean is changing the way we look at natural resources and their incorporation into familiar products and industries. Their focus is on utilizing renewable, biogenic calcium carbonate derived from oolitic aragonite sand originating in The Bahamas.

What is 'Ooltic Aragonite?


Oolitic aragonite is a renewable and sustainably sourced resource. It naturally forms on the banks of The Bahamas during natural precipitation events called ‘whitings.’ During these events, blooms of cyanobacteria sequester carbon from the atmosphere and a mineralization process occurs, forming oolitic aragonite [learn more about this process here.]

Oolitic aragonite is a versatile renewable resource that provides a number of benefits overs standard mined ground calcium carbonate (GCC). GCC is not a renewable resource and has a different morphological structure than oolitic aragonite. Oolitic aragonite’s unique structure affords it many benefits such as higher surface area, high negative zeta potential, and high calcium bioavailability.


There are big benefits in the ease of spreading, in the fact that no dust is created due to the low minus 200 mesh material. The application of Aragonite is with large lime spreaders, truck casters or fertilizer buggies. To encourage the continual reproduction of the Aerobic bacteria, it is delivered with an approximate 5% moisture content. Distributes extremely well both dry and wet. Initial first application may be at higher rates to raise pH and to create a stronger buffer. 

Application rates vary. Recommended for maintenance at:

  • 400 pounds per acre for grasses and small grain

  • 450 pounds per acre for soybeans

  • 750 pounds per acre for corn

sandy cal

SandyCal® sand is raw, naturally renewable oolitic aragonite sand that is 94-98% pure calcium carbonate.for the aragonite user, making it a superior source of calcium carbonate.

ocean cal

OceanCal® powder is  very pure, ground, oolitic aragonite sand (calcium carbonate)  It’s unique crystalline structure, high purity and consistency offer economic and performance benefits

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