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ocean blue ag

Ocean Blue AG

ocean blue ag

Benefits Beyond Yield

In Partnership with Ocean Grown Inc

 Profitable Nutrient Management without Compromise

We’re excited to share with you the proven cost-effective agronomic program, Ocean Blue Ag. This unique program was designed to significantly improve soil health and reduce the use of synthetic inputs.


As farmers, we are faced with an industry focused on short term gains that risk the long-term health of our land. The yield barriers most farmers are dealing with require a more integrated and sustainable approach. That's why Ocean Grown Inc formed Ocean Blue Agronomics (OBA) to address these challenges. After decades of research, trial and error, and God-given insight, they developed an agronomic program and corresponding solutions for sustainable health.



Ocean Blue focuses on soil chemistry and specific plant energy requirements. Their products are designed to deliver the correct energy, biology and nutrients at each stage of growth enabling your crops to achieve their full genetic potential – delivering consistent Benefits Beyond Yield.

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