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Kugler is well established as a regional manufacturer and supplier of quality liquid fertilizer products, shipping product coast to coast and internationally by truck and rail.

We continue to develop innovative fertilizers, such as our recent KQ-XRN™, a 28% Slow Release Nitrogen product, in which we are one of the few actual producers of this product in the United States. This is a key component of our lawncare and agricultural specialty products.

Efficiency, specialization, initiative, attention to detail and teamwork have been the key components to achieving this growth. These factors have come together to form a company whose products are marketed across the country through a variety of local, regional and national distributors. As late Chairman of the Board R.D. Kugler noted, "Though the divisions represent a variety of endeavors, each one focuses on one main goal: Quality service to the customer." That tradition has been handed down three generations and continues to well represent the foundation that keeps Kugler a leader in the industry.

Kugler KQ-XRN is The Perfect Delivery System™ for crop protection chemicals. You can add herbicides, pesticides or fungicides—and boost the nitrogen for your crop at critical growth stages while you address threats to your crop.

When applied through foliar application, KQ-XRN adheres to and penetrates the leaves—staying on the job to feed your plants when they need nitrogen the most.

Kugler KQ-XRN is a high-performance, stand-alone fertilizer—and it’s a component of several other Kugler KQ fertilizers, including starters.


Kugler KQ555™ - “The Original”
The high quality liquid starter that changed the rules forever—making N-P phosphate grades a dinosaur. KQ555 can be used on all crops and in many different application methods. Five quality nutrients in an easy-to-apply liquid grade that simply cannot be duplicated. Nutrients: N-P-K-S-Zn

Kugler KQ652 - High Phosphorus Starter
With Kugler KQ652, you can apply more phosphate without increasing the gallons of fertilizer—with fewer fill-ups and less on-farm storage. High phosporus accelerates root system development, leading to greater moisture uptake and improved stress tolerance. KQ652 includes concentrated levels of N, K, S and Zn for improved plant performance. Nutrients: N-P-K-S-Zn

Kugler KQ663 - High Nitrogen Starter
Get nitrogen and phosphate in a 1:1 ratio—plus other essential nutrients -- with KQ663. Designed to match the demands of today’s hybrids, as well as management methods that result in the need for more nitrogen at planting. Nutrients: N-P-K-S-Zn

Other KQ Products - A Full Line of Quality Liquid Fertilizers
Kugler Company offers a full line of other Quality Liquid Fertilizers, including pre-plant, starters, low-salt and specialty fertilizer grades. For more information on additional products, please Contact Kugler Company.

KQ 652

Kugler KS156 - Low Salt Starter with XRN Technology

KS156 contains a balanced blend of phosphate and potassium with quick, slow release nitrogen.  It's a perfect choice for helping your crop get up and growing fast or anytime during your crop's development when a supplementary boost of nutrients is needed.

The slow release nitrogen component of Kugler KS156 helps reduce leaching and volatilization of nitrogen.  It keeps this essential nutrient in place--staying on the job for up to six weeks.  This means your crop gets the quick boost of nutrients it needs and sustained nitrogen availability for improved performance.

Kugler LS924 - High Phosphorus, Low Salt Starter

Kugler LS924 gives you the ability to get your plants off to a fast start with a high phosphorus starter plus the added benefits of nitrogen and potassium. Its special low salt formulation makes LS924 an ideal choice to use in furrow with the seed.

This efficient starter, which is a positive step toward improving yields and profitability, is from Kugler Company, so you can be assured that Kugler LS924 offers trouble-free application, easy handling and outstanding quality and performance.

Kugler KSMicroMax

KS MicroMax is an effective, readily available source of vital micronutrients for soil and foliar application. Micronutrients are essential components in many plant metabolic systems such as photosynthesis, cell wall formation, translocation and enzyme synthesis to name just a few. A lack of any of the micronutrients or secondary nutrients may result in poor plant growth and vigor, which prevents the crop from reaching its full genetic potential. Proper timing, rate, and placement of KS MicroMax is important for desired results and highly dependent on stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels and environmental conditions.

KQ Specialty Fertilizers

Kugler KQ353 - The Original Pivot Grade
Any place you’ve been using straight nitrogen, KQ 353 packs more fertility punch. These four nutrients are perfectly suited for application at preplant, cultivation and through pivots—throughout the growing season.  Nutrients: N-K-S-Zn

KQ 353
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