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Yield / Profit Challenge was created in 2017 as a way to help growers consistently achieve higher yields and profit. Its our belief that if farming is to continue, yields must increase in order to be sustainable and competitive. We also believe that higher yields shouldn't come at the expense of profit. We work with companies and products that help growers archive both by improving the soil and plant health, balancing the fertility and improving the efficiency of the whole system. We have set our goal at consistent 300+ bushel corn, 100+ bushel soybeans , 50% profit

Information and tips for improving your operation to achieve greater soil and plant health, and overall efficiency for greater yields and profit.

Constant sales pitches, “discounts”, discussion on how farmers have to feed the world and how you have to totally change your operation completely to become “sustainable”. we feel these do little to help you succeed and meet your goals. We want to help you meet your goals without being weird or annoying.

Companies we work with:

  • Atlantic Pacific Ag

  • Sea 90

  • Ocean Blue Ag

  • Pro Soil Ag

  • Kugler Fertilizer

  • Calcean

  • Agoro Carbon Alliance 


Product lines

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