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Laying the groundwork

for success 

Product lines

larger ears

Our step by step process to help you succeed....

  • Start with a plan. We will guide you through the planning process making a the best selections for your operation 

  • Delivery when you need the products

  • Planter visits to help you get started right 

  • Field visits throughout the year. We visit your fields at key times to keep you on the path to success 

  • Review harvest data with you and plan for next season 

  • Learn more about our step by step process below 

Step 1
Laying the groundwork for success

• The key to any good plan is to start off right.

• We help growers balance the nutrient needs based on the soil test . We like to see soil test results for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Na, B, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn. We can pull the soil tests for you or you can use your own testing service. 

• Sea 90 improves fertilizer efficiently and maximizes yield potential

• Sea 90 can significantly reduce the need for potash, micro nutrients and adds 40# of Nitrogen 

• Aragonite from Calcean replaces lime, is 3 times more available than lime, and offers lower use rates compared to lime 

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals
laying the groundwork for success
step 1
Bigger roots

Step 2
Bigger Roots More Pore space Feed the biology

• Pro-Soil Ag and Ocean Blue Ag blends Feed the native Bactria and fungi 

• doesn't introduce new Bactria and fungi to the soil 

• Unlocks nutrients and protect the roots from diseases and pests

• Pre plant sprayer pass or planter applied application

 • Proven to boost nutrients to the soil such as phosphorus by up to 47%

pro soil
ocean blue ag
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Step 3
Feeding Your Crops  Enhancing Sprayer Passes

• Pro-Soil Ag and Ocean Blue Ag foliar blends protect plants and promote increased grain potential.

• Atlantic Pacific Ag products enhance herbicide passes by conditioning and keeping applications on target. They are approved with all latest herbicides 

Ocean Blue Ag
pro soil
atlantic pacific ag
feeding your crops
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powerful nutrient enhancer

Step 4
Powerful Nutrient Enhancer And Nitrogen Stabilizer

• Power pro N from Ocean Blue Ag Stabilizes N into a non leachable non volatizing form

• 1.5x multiplier to any N put down with it (example 100# becomes 150#)

 Eliminates volatilizing ammonia within 1 minute of tank mixing

Nitrogen products from Kugler offer increased benefits over standard 32% N 

Ocean Blue Ag
Kulger fertilizer
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Step 5
A Fungicide Replacement That Adds Yield

• Grain Gain from Ocean Blue Ag feeds the plant to raise brix level and protect it from disease

• Can replace fungicide

• Not only protects yield also adds yield

Ocean Blue Ag
Fungicide replacement
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larger yields

A Program That Delivers Results

• Our systems approach leads to higher yields and greater profit.

• Raises yields by 20-30%

• Improves fertilizer efficiencies

• 8 tons more roots per acre

• 47% more phosphorus   

• Significant savings on fertilizer expenses while maintaining and building fertility levels 

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Use our calculator below to estimate your potential increase in yield and profit
Start by selecting the crop and entering the acres of that crop you want calculate 

Let us help you reach your next yield goal


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