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The Most Complete Mineral and Trace Element Products Ever Offered


SEA-90 Farm and Garden Fertilizer

SEA-90 Essential Elements for All Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture

SeaAgri  is inspired by the research of Maynard Murray MD, Weston Price DDS, William Albrecht PhD, Arden Anderson MD, Jerry Burnetti, author and renowned speaker, Robert Cain, President SeaAgri, inc, and Hugh Lovel, multi-disciplinary scientist. SeaAgri is dedicated to fulfilling Dr. Murray’s lifelong dream of improving human health by introducing “Sea Energy Agriculture” to gardeners, ranchers and farmers throughout the world.

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals are produced from the Sea of Cortez, a pristine body of water with the most diverse collection of marine life and minerals on earth.

Sea-90 contains 90+ elements, including the complete collection of natural macro minerals (such as Potassium) and trace elements (such as Boron). Scientific data shows Sea-90′s minerals and trace elements stimulate, feed and enhance micro flora populations in soil, enhancing soil fertility and unlocking “locked up” fertilizer nutrients already present.

Sea-90 is the product of 40 years of research proving soils fertilized with full spectrum sea minerals and trace elements grow crops superior to those grown solely with conventional fertilizers. Plants with all of nature’s mineral building blocks achieve their full genetic potential, increasing yields, enhancing tissue health, and naturally boosting disease and pest resistance.

A fall application of 50 lbs./acre of Sea-90 is equivalent to applying 200 lbs./acre of potash. Sea-90 can save growers nearly $70/acre based on current potash prices of $865/ton. Sea-90 also helps to unlock the nutrients and micronutrients already in your soil, including up to 40 pounds/acre of extra available Nitrogen. Based on current NH3 prices that amounts to a savings of an extra $22/acre!

Sea 90 is not removed from the ocean itself but from an estuary floodplain 8 miles inland that only floods during specific times of the month due to the moon phase pushing water on shore. all of this water is lost from the ocean regardless of whether its harvested for sea 90 or not and if its not harvested it will simply be absorbed into the soil. Harvest activities for sea 90 are both sustainable and promote health and wellness of the Sea itself and its surrounding communities

below is a picture of the mine location to show its location in relation to the sea the estuary and the floodplain.

sea 90 location
sea 90 bags
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