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Laying the groundwork for success

A Complete Systems Approach to Greater Yield and Profit

Bigger roots more pore space feed the biology

Bigger Roots  More Pore  space Feed the biology

• Pro-Soil Ag and Ocean Blue Ag blends Feed the biology

• Unlocks nutrients and protect the roots from diseases and pests

• Pre plant sprayer pass or planter applied application

pro soil

Laying the groundwork for success 

• The key to any good plan is to start off right.

• Sea 90 improves efficiently of nutrients and can replace potash, micronutrients, and 40# of N

• Offers significant savings on fertilizer expenses 

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals
Powerful nutrient enhancer and nitrogen stabilizer

 Powerful Nutrient Enhancer And Nitrogen Stabilizer

•Power pro N from Ocean Blue Ag Stabilizes N into a non leachable non volatizing form

•1.5x multiplier to any N put down with it

Ocean Blue Ag
Kugler fertilizer
Bigger roots
Image by Loren King
Image by Steven Weeks
A fungicide replacement that adds yield
Larger yields
Feeding crops enhancing sprayer passes

Feeding Your Crops  Enhancing  Sprayer Passes

• Pro-Soil Ag and Ocean Blue Ag foliar  blends protect plants and promote root development.

• Atlantic Pacific Ag products enhance herbicide passes by conditioning and keeping applications on target

pro soil
Atlantic Pacific Ag

A Fungicide Replacement That Adds Yield

• Grain Gain from Ocean Blue Ag feeds the plant to raise brix level, protect it from disease, and promote grain fill

• Can replace all forms of  fungicide

Ocean Blue Ag
Winter meeting

Plot Tour August 21st 

We invite you to attend the Yield Profit Challenge Plot Tour August 21st in Eureka IL 10:00am – 1:00pm. We will have all our product reps and industry experts onsite and we look forward to showing you how to utilize our products in your operation to help you increase your yield and profit.


This plot tour will be an opportunity to see firsthand the positive results that has shown a 30-68 bushel per acre improvement in corn and a 4-14 bushel per acre improvement in soybeans when using our 4 pass program. 


This complete systems approach provides growers with the tools to boost their soil health, plant growth, and vitality. The driving force behind this program is products and solutions from Pro-Soil Ag Solutions, Ocean Blue Ag, and Sea 90. One of the keys to improving yield is stimulating soil biology already in the soil to thrive.


we are also featuring individual product plots and simple product combination plots that maximize efficiency and allow easier entry into this systems approach for growers. Products such as Nutri shield, IPS100, and Sea 90 have been featured in plots at Precision Planting's PTI farm in Pontiac IL, resulting in ROIs of +$47 to +$57 in corn and +$55 to +$87 in soybeans.

Nutri shield was also the 2nd highest ROI out of 30 infurrow products in corn and 1st out of 7 in Soybeans


Growers who use our products can expect better plant health, tougher roots, and overall better resistance to disease and drought. The program has significant increases in phosphorus (up to 47%), potassium (up to 40%), and nitrogen (1.5x multiplier) overall.


Register and learn how you can increase fertilizer efficiency, and reduce input costs at or call (309) 339-2954.

Register to attend


Our step by step process to help you succeed....

  • Start with a plan. We will guide you through the planning process making a the best selections for your operation 

  • Delivery when you need the products

  • Planter visits to help you get started right 

  • Field visits throughout the year. We visit your fields at key times to keep you on the path to success 

  • Review harvest data with you and plan for next season 

Let us help you reach your next yield goal

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Laying the groundwork

for success 

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