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Let us help you reach your next yield goal

Our step by step process to help you succeed....

  • Start with a plan. We will guide you through the planning process making a the best selections for your operation 

  • Delivery when you need the products

  • Planter visits to help you get started right 

  • Field visits throughout the year. We visit your fields at key times to keep you on the path to success 

  • Review harvest data with you and plan for next season 

Making a plan

​Early planning is key to success and allows for more time to figure out the best plan for a field and how to accomplish it 

Making your plans 6-9 months before planting has been shown to add $30-60/ acre to the growers bottom line 

We use soil tests as the starting point when building a plan. we like to see soil test results for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc. We can pull the soil tests for you or you can use your own testing service. Please contact us for more information on soil testing 


You can use our product chart below to build a plan. we have broken down the products by type and laid them out into 3 levels bronze, silver, and gold. This chart is designed to help you understand what a field plan from us could look like please contact us to build a plan based on your specific field and operation

For all plan levels please choose one of the pre plant options

For bronze You have the option of choosing 1-2 items in the “in furrow” “foliar” “nitrogen” and “fertilizer” categories


Silver level plans include the “foliar” and or “in furrow” category options  and the option of choosing the “nitrogen” and “fertilizer” categories


Gold level plans include the “foliar” category and the in furrow” or “nitrogen” categories and the option of choosing “fertilizer” category

The always category should be used for all plans 


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